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Bernard Muminovic

Owner/Founder of KartingConnect.com

How do I know if I need a new chassis or not?

There are varying views on whether a chassis should be regularly replaced or simply ‘tweaked’ back to its original position. I hope to give some insight on what to check when setting up a new chassis, and to also offer some tips to those readers who are competing on an …

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History: 1956 The Very First Go Kart

Name: Caretta-West Bend Created by: Art INGELS & Lou BORELLI Nationality: USA Date of birth: August, 1956 – Glendale/CA, USA. Art Ingels was a mechanic at the Kurtis Craft Company in Glendale, California, a firm that built racing cars, notably used in Indianapolis. His friend and neighbour, Lou Borelli, worked …

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