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Bernard Muminovic

Owner/Founder of KartingConnect.com

Choosing the correct Rear axle for your go kart

The Rear axle is one of the main elements to influence chassis setup. The stiffness of the axle determines behaviour of rear part of the chassis, making the kart oversteer or understeer, and changes strongly the balances of forces acting on the chassis. As we know in fact kart behaviour …

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A global search for a future Formula 1 Star

A new, global initiative to find a future Formula 1 Star World Champion has launched last week in the UK. The free-to-enter competition aims to take one talented driver all the way to the pinnacle of motorsport using social media, crowdfunding and on-track assessment. The competition is all about finding drivers …

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The importance of Driver Feedback

Alex Zanardi Go Kart

Driver Feedback is essential to get right if you want to see improvements and build confidence. Throughout this post, we want to take a look at the subject of driver feedback, both from the driver and given to the driver as this is an area little understood for its importance, …

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