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The fine art of jealousy is a game that many competitors play

The fine art of jealousy is a game that many competitors play with their own minds which slows down their own progress.

Jealousy is something that eats away and very often can keep the driver stuck, becoming more and more frustrated by continually measuring their performances against those of others in their class who they see as being better and or unbeatable because of either equipment or consistently good results. Sometimes the driver may not necessarily even be that bothered whether someone else is driving for the best team, has the newest chassis, the biggest motor home or the best mechanic. I know that some of these things do play a part, but what I am getting at here is the negative and hampering effects they can have. A driver can become affected via a jealous parent, or other person working with the driver, who is constantly pouring scorn and criticism on those who they are jealous of and having the knock on consequence of affecting the driver’s performances without even realizing it.

It can rear its ugly head high some days, but it really is just another opportunity to assist you in reclaiming your true power if you see what is happening. Situations, results, certain events and competitions we are involved in happen in our lives and it can seem that someone else has it so much better than us.

It can be an interesting exercise to be jealous of others, because then we can bask in the negative feelings of putting others on a pedestal for a while and then we don’t actually have to do anything or take any action to actually move ourselves forward. Basically, we create an excuse for a poorer result before even putting on a crash helmet. Often a competitor will just feel sorry for themselves and get caught up in all of the negative emotion and move side to side or even backwards. Some choose to play this game for a long time. The alternative is to start taking action towards what you really want, focusing on your own improvements and efforts both on and off the track to gain the advantage and strength back rather than continually watching others succeed and then causing yourself your own emotional pain that keeps you in a negative state.

How can jealousy manifest itself? We may see someone that we once perceived as an equal or lesser performer get that big performance or consistently good results and now it seems like the playing field isn’t level anymore, we look for reasons to assign to it and usually these reasons are filled with negativity about ourselves.

It is much easier to look outward at someone else and perhaps throw a few stones or beat yourself up rather than take a look inside at what you have failed to accomplish yet or feel you should have accomplished by now or pursue to the degree that you would like because your emotions, thoughts, negative beliefs about yourself and distorted beliefs about other competitors got in the way.

Fear, anger, resentment, lack, desperation, frustration and want are just a few words that come to mind that describe the energy going on behind the scenes. It is the feeling that we are not perfect or not good enough. Sometimes there is also a bit of shame or embarrassment thrown in for good measure as we feel bad and resent others for causing us to have those feelings towards the situation or other competitors that are doing well.

It can affect everyone at some point or another when there is a string of poor results. The good thing about jealousy is that it doesn’t really matter if the subject is imagined or real. You really don’t know another person’s full situation so your ego fills in the gaps. So rather than get all wrapped up in it, instead use it as learning tool that will drive you forwards.

I believe that if you are suffering with jealousy then it can serve you in a positive manner. Your mind is showing you something that you want for yourself but haven’t pursued properly due to a negative belief formed about yourself. All your mind is doing is gently reminding you that it is something you really want. By showing you someone else that has what you want or are achieving the things you know you can have but haven’t achieved just yet, it causes you to take another look at what you once told yourself.

In putting other drivers on a pedestal this limits your ability to harness your full capabilities because you were viewing the situation as “them and us”, separate, placing a boundary and limit on your performance, this then affects the self belief, then when more negative performances are experienced the belief becomes validated, and this is when the emotions become stronger. Most of the energy of the mind becomes channeled into thinking negatively about your own performance, looking then at those that are achieving results with the evidence causing you tension, you become filled with negativity, your expectations become confused and you will never perform at your best or access the zone like that!

So, how can you turn something that is usually perceived as a negative experience into a positive one? It all starts with you taking a good look inside yourself and turning your thinking around.

Here are four of the many steps that you can use to reclaim your power from the negative energies of jealousy:
1. Take a look inside yourself and look for the core of what is behind the feeling. Then look at where in your life that feeling fits other than in racing because there isn’t any room for it in racing. Is it someone else constantly talking about other drivers’ successful performances which has the underlying message something like “you’re not as good as them”, or is it you doing it to yourself?

2. Find the pattern behind the feeling. Are there only a few things that set you off? Find out what types of events or news or things that you see or hear make you feel jealous of another or that is causing you to question your beliefs about yourself. The antidote to this is to firstly be aware of it, question it, and re-evaluate your own thoughts and feeling.

4. Use the feelings you have as fuel and finally decide to change something in the way you observe what is going on around you; alternatively you can choose to simply concentrate on you and what you are doing rather than on anyone else. Take a stand, make a plan and take action, be strong and focused only on you and what you are going to start to achieve.

source: kartingmagazine.com


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