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Pirelli in karts? Interview with Pirelli Motorsport Racing Manager Mario Isola

pirelli-karting-01The voice of a future entry of Pirelli in the field of tires for karting is not new.  Lately, however, a news reported by Kartcom has reignited the debate forcefully. In a post published on its website, Kartcom showed a picture with the Alonso kart tires unequivocally marked Pirelli P Zero.

Many have thought that the time was therefore ripe to see the giant tire, the sole supplier of tires for F1 and Superbike, get on track even in karting.

To understand more, TKart interviewed exclusively absolute Mario Isola, Pirelli or the responsible for all matters related to Motorsport.

Island, with the brand went from karting and passionate, he did not deny that karting is an extremely interesting field for the company, but also explained that, for the moment, have not been made concrete steps towards an effective landing in this area.

Even so, they are the words of the Racing Manager, a name like Pirelli must point to the top, and thus decide whether to engage in karting, will do so with a high quality product for all major categories. It is a job that requires commitment, resources and, therefore, more time.

Island suggests that some reasoning was however done, it is considering a landing in karting totally “on their own”, both leaning, eventually, to a manufacturer already involved in the industry. But, again, it’s simple reasoning that concrete steps are not followed. So, to sum up, the interest is there, in the company talked about for some time, but … still have to wait.

Tires pictures with Alonso, then?pirelli-karting-fernando-alonso Mario Isola explains that it was a very specific and detailed project, created by Fernando’s request to have the Pirelli tires for the campus which is held at the go-kart track that bears his name, in Spain. Pirelli, in this case, it turned to a company that already produces for kart tires (the Italian Le Cont) to satisfy the request of the former Ferrari driver. The photographed tires, then, are so marked Pirelli, but produced materially from Le Cont.

It is true, as pointed out in Mario Island ‘ interview that you can listen below in its entirety , that the request Alonso rekindled the fire never completely dormant dell’ of Pirelli for karting. The impression is that, sooner or later, the marriage really be fulfilled.


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