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A racer’s letter to the ones he loves -Chad Schwenke

Dear loved ones,

I want you to know I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you worry every time I strap into my car to go race, for you are worried this could be our last time together. I also want you to know that if that is the case I’m sorry I left on such short notice and please know that was never my intention. I know you wondered sometimes why I race and you expect me to say cause I love to go fast or something along those lines. That makes you roll your eyes and laugh a little but the truth is I can’t answer that question cause I don’t really know, I just love this sport and everything about it. I know that’s not the answer you wanted but it’s the best answer I have. I also want to say thank you.

Thank you for never trying to change my love for the sport, even though there have been many times you probably wished I would take it easy or maybe even walk away for a while.  Although I don’t always tell you this your supporting me in following a dream means more to me than you will ever know. Paul Walker was quoted saying “if one day the speed gets me do not worry because I was smiling.” I hope you remember those words and I hope you find peace knowing I was doing what I love to do and chasing a dream. I only ask 1 thing and that is even when I’m gone please don’t hate the sport, some of the best memories were made there and I promise you even when I get to heaven I’ll still be racing. Don’t push away the racing family and the sport itself, it’s not its fault I’m gone.

God has a plan for us all and I really think He just needed some new fresh talent behind the wheel of His race car. I never wanted to leave you with the burden of living without me but know that even though I’m not physically here I’m still watching and I ask that you carry on my legacy and never let people forget the person I put so much work into becoming! Although I want to be remembered as a good racer I want even more to be remembered as a great person! Thank you for supporting me in chasing my dream and NEVER forget that although racing was my lifestyle loving you was my life! PS I hear the concession stand has great track burgers up here!

Love always,
The racer that left too soon


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