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VROOM Magazine Partners with KartingConnect.com

Vroom, as a worldwide magazine, covers the whole Karting environment, from USA to Asia. A partnership with KartingConnect is a strategic choice that aims to bring more value to the Vroom network (website, social networks and magazine too) having a direct contact with national realities.

KartingConnect.com was set up with the aim of bringing a fun and yet a professional American karting site to drivers and series to promote and highlight their efforts. From the very first day our main aim has been to cover many drivers and teams. After being directly involved in the Northeast Shifter and F-Series programs, they have done a lot of work to promote those two programs, which are covering all the programs throughout the country and global kart racing.

Education for newcomers and introducing the mainstream public into the sport has been a top priority for KartingConnect.com. Covering American programs from the F-Series, Florida Winter Tour,  RokCup USA, USPKS and Skusa will be a main aim to achieve. Many local and regional events will be highlighted to help keep up the sport.

The site offers fun activities for visitors, there are forums, contests, photo galleries and lots of information. Facebook has been a major focus for KartingConnect  to draw traffic to the site with a big push coming over the next few years. Our main aim for the future is to innovate the site and improve the approach of increasing the number of viewers.

Bernard Muminovic, is the man behind KartingConnect.com:

“I was born on September 3, 1977 in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro and I came to America at the age of 8. Coming from a family that never had any interest in racing, I was the first child to start racing.

In 2008, I watched my first go-kart race and after that point I was hooked and purchased my first go-kart: a 80cc Shifter.  I raced for a total of 7 years and stopped two years ago to get into the business side of go karting racing.

In 2009 I started KartingConnect.com which today is one of the most popular Karting website around the world. In 2011 I established the North East Shifter Kart Series with my friend Michael Rivera. We build two shifter classes Stock Moto and KZ that even today has the largest entries of KZ and stock moto guys averaging over 25+ entries per race. In 2012 I joined forces with Marco Oldhafer who is the Founder of Gearup F-Series. I helped Marco promote his series and spread the word on the internet via KartingConnect, Facebook and other social media outlets. I am still working with Marco today as his series has grown to be one of the top 3 biggest series in America. www. TheFseries.com for more info.

2016 I joined forces with Wagner Rossi who was the North American imported of MG tire. In early 2016 when MG tire and Wager Rossi no longer worked with each other, Wagner went with LeCont and is now the North American importer for them. Wagner has hired me to do all of his Marketing for the brand and to help LeCont expand into North America.”


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